"Fast, Easy and Reliable CCTV systems
by Made in Korea"
- IP Camera
- Storage Type NVR
- Smart City Solution

HyunMyung offers industry's best security solutions for enhancing human’s life security in the indoor and outdoor.
We are focused on the development of video surveillance and security solutions that provide you the information necesysary to make real-time decisions to save customer’s life and to prevent missing golden time.
Storage Type N.V.R (Network Video Recoder)

2U 4Bay Storage Type NVR

2U 8Bay Storage Type NVR

3U 16Bay Storage Type NVR

CMS Station(H)

CCTV Camera

Model: HY-IPD-100LED
1EA Hi-Power IR + 1EA Hi-Power White LEDs

Model: HY-IPB-200LED
2EA Hi-Power IR + 2EA Hi-Power White LEDs

Model: IX8060-MS
Two sensor (1 visible + 1 IR thermal sensor)thermal imaging cameras and algorithms.

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